A typical day at the grocery store in Denmark, namely, Fakta:

I ride my bike to the store after practice because I need rice. It is 1 hour before the store closes. Therefore, it is 7 pm or should I say 19:00 because it would be wrong if anything stayed open any later than 20:00 (with the exception of the greatest super market Kiwi). I walk in and see the cashier, who is a fairly young looking boy, standing around looking bored. The store is E M P T Y and S I L E N T. I stick to my plan and pick up a bag of rice. I am tempted by some other random things as I cut between the 1 aisle in the store to make my way to the check out stand, but remind myself I had a plan and it was to only buy rice. I don’t need anything else. These grocery stores are so filled up with the most random things in random spots. The best way I could describe it is like a mini walmart or so. Always something to distract you when you have a list. I make it to the checkout within 2 minutes of walking into the store and there is someone trying to buy 2 bags of hot dog buns and this strange pre-cooked salmon in a package thing. Well, the cashier had to sit a scrape this sticker that was covering the bar code and once he finally completed that task it didn’t scan. He tried to enter the numbers manually and that didn’t seem to be working. Next came the buns. He scanned one bag once and it registered but then something wasn’t right. I have NO clue what was going on, but whatever it was took way too long. My quick in out and trip at Fakta turned into a 10 minute ordeal. I was irritated and wanted to get home before it started to rain. I finally make it out to unlock my bike and ride up the hill to my house, jump on my bike and attempt to quickly cross traffic so that I am riding the correct way on the bike path. Unfortunately, I was already flustered from inside the super market and forgot that my bike is a bit moody these days. I was in the middle of the street watching this big van get closer and closer to me and trying to go fast when I chain pops off and i am just able to get my feet down and balanced instead of flying over my handlebars in the middle of the street. I get onto the bike path, flip my bike upside down and replace my chain in just a minute or two. What is difficult with my Green Machine is that there is a rail guard so the chain isn’t as easily accessible like the bikes I grew up with at home. Needless to say I finished the reparations with extremely greasy hands.

Dinner was good.

I made my favorite banana bread.

We are getting not 1, or 2, or 3, but FOUR new Australian players on our team over the next week! Good bye 90 minutes. Did I mention they ALL play for the national team and I believe ALL went to the World Cup this summer. That means I watched them play…hmm… Guess it’ll make for some good training sessions (I sure hope so anyways).

Strength training, language school, and evening training will fill my day tomorrow.

Good night Denmark.

Good night America.

Good night world.

See you in the morning.

Looking forward to another day.




(Picture taken in Antalya, Turkey)