What an adventure.
I wish I had learned French in school, but of course Spanish was the more reasonable choice, at least in the area I group up. At the same time am thankful for the Spanish I did learn because I think it is why I understand as much French as I do after 5 months of living here without going to language school.
I am pretty stoked today because I went to the sociology department at the University library next to my house and perused the hundreds of books in different categories for that one special book printed in English by some off chance. Well, I walked away with 4 interesting sociological type books to keep my mind going. Since my daily conversations consist of broken languages of all kinds I have noticed I am missing having intellectual conversations like we naturally engage in on a day to day basis with our peers/ colleagues and even teammates without even realizing it. I figured maybe I can start getting a little of what I am missing from some books. So far it’s doing the trick 🙂
Regardless of what I may be missing I still am trying to learn and engage in the language here, but it is really difficult. Have I mentioned I don’t get to go to actual French class (which is where you learn a bit of the important stuff to be able to make sense of the whole mess of stuff that gets thrown at you on a daily basis) so really I can only tell stories and communicate in the present tense. I can only imagine the inaccurate, or totally absurd, word pictures I draw in the French peoples’ brains when I speak to them in French. Poor grammar alongside made-up words hahaha I must really make their heads hurt…but I won’t mention how much my head hurts all the time listening to the English in this place. I am thankful for the amount that majority of people know combined with my capacity of understanding of their language, but it would be really nice to not have to speak in “French-English” as in insert words I would never use at home but know they understand quicker so I will use that word instead of the other one and place it in this location of the sentence instead of the right location because I know I will only need to repeat myself 3 times instead of 5 times by making these choices. No wonder I like living alone.
To sum it all up: if you are going to move to France take time to learn French as best as possible before you move here. You’ll be happy you did. Also, expect to have paperwork coming out of your ears!
This is only the beginning. I need to begin to write more. My grandma says so. If grandma says so it must be true because she is much older and wiser than I am even though I like to think I am wise and know lots of stuff about life and the world and how everything works. In all reality, I need to listen to my elders. There is a reason we are always told that growing up, there is a reason why we are stubborn about it, but there is a reason now why I am beginning to listen to more older wiser people in my life.
So, Cheers to all you loyal readers! Happy New Year if I haven’t personally greeted you yet this New Year and enjoy the journey of where the words take me on this blog. I am curious to know what will happen!