The flights are booked! Ao and I are going to Barcelona for a weekend. We have a friendly match next Friday night followed by a weekend off from games. So, naturally, I searched for an adventure and came up with a pretty good one! 

Plan of attack: I searched for places that I could fly directly into from Lyon airport. From there I searched for the cheapest option and best times and took into consideration where I have friends living right now. End result- direct flight Lyon-Barcelona (1 hour 15 minutes) for 70 Euros to visit my friend Tim. (I wrote about this 2 posts ago). Ao, my teammate and friend, thought about her decision to go for the past couple days and came over to my place this morning and said “let’s go!” soooo here we go!!!! 

I’ve never spent time reading up on the sights of Barcelona and thought it might be a good thing to do before going next weekend and it looks pretty awesome so far!