Easiest travel/move to a foreign country so far. The Sea-Tac airport was vacant yesterday afternoon when I arrived and it took me all but 10 minutes to check in and go through security. Then I got on my flight, sat for less than 7 hours and arrived to my destination. Piece of cake. Now for the fun part- settling in.

It was a bit shocking landing at the Keflavik airport here in Iceland. I was reminded that first impressions aren’t everything. I have no idea where I am right now or what is around me. It is a weird feeling. I’m not convinced I mentally prepared to be thrown into this country so quickly. I have entertained too many thoughts of a more American type place than compared to Denmark or France. What I forgot was that it is still a totally foreign country! That’s ok. I know after the first week and some good sleep I will be excited to explorer and will quickly fall in love with my new home. 

I didn’t know who was meeting me at the airport and so when I came out of baggage claim I just stood looking around. I got a bad feeling when nobody was walking up to me to pick me up. Well, the thing is, that the guy picking me up was writing some emails and not expecting me to get my bags so quickly. So ended up not being a problem. It was probably a 30 minute drive from the airport down a one or 2 lane highway with lava fields surrounding us and snow capped mountains in the distance and the ocean in sight. What a crazy landscape I have seen already. My flight arrived at 6:30 and it was already light out and looked like it had been light for awhile. I mean most of the flight was in the light as it was anyways. I learned that right now it really only gets dark from after 10pm until before 5am! There aren’t shutters on the windows and I was advised just to suck it up and get used to it being so light outside. 

I got dropped off at my apartment, which my roommate and I will get to live in until June. I get the cute little room with an awesome desk along the windowed wall and an itty bitty bed and dresser. I think I brought too much stuff with me! oops.