I have thought a lot lately about how y’all (a little shout out to my fam in the south) understand what life is like living in a small city in Denmark. After being here for the past month and a half the way of life is becoming familiar and I forget that a lot of the little things that are a part of my daily life couldn’t happen back home in the States.

I was so excited the other day when I walked less than five minutes down the road from my house and stepped into a quaint local bakery to buy some freshly baked rugbrød,which is a Danish favorite, and then entered the butcher shop next door to get some meat for the week. Apparently rugbrød is healthier than the bread we eat in America. When I first moved here I really thought it was tasteless, dry, and quite disgusting. While I was living at the club house I didn’t have many other options for lunch than to eat the rugbrød because everyday. We would eat the famous Danish open sandwich smørrebrød which consists of the rugbrød, maybe some canned mackerel in tomato puree, or some salami and cheese, add a little horseradish, a little cucumber, and call it a lunch.

Today I walked about 20 paces from my house, landed at a bustling little flower shop and bought myself a bouquet of Blomstermy favorite flowers to brighten up my apartment.

Being that I have so much time on my hands everyday, I find myself wandering around the many grocery shops taking everything in. There is always something different and interesting to look at or to try to figure out what different foods actually are. Whenever I need to go to the store to pick up produce or the basics, I end up spending way longer than planned because I get so distracted by everything going on. Now these “grocery stores” aren’t your typical American grocery stores (obviously). I can choose between Super Best, Kvickly, Netto, Rema 1000, or Fotex [foo-tex]. They are all located really close to where I am living and also really close to one another. Basically side-by-side. Every week my mailbox is stuffed to the brim with Ads from all these stores. It is rather ridiculous. These stores not only have any grocery item I might want, but they are also jam packed with clothes, toys, electronics, bikes, and anything imaginable. I would describe them as mini Targets or Wal-Marts.

Basically: grocery stores= a challenge and a distraction in my daily life.

Oh yea, you also have to pay for bags if you forget to bring your own to the store to put your purchased items in! Fortunately for me my mom had already taught me to bring my own bags to the store, so it isn’t much of a change for me.

While I think it is great that so many people here re-use bags so well, it makes it difficult to have a supply of handy trash bags around when needed!