I feel so behind and that I will never be able to catch up on everything that has happened.

After 3 months living in France I feel like I am finally living here and settled in. I am beginning to become integrated into my club at the coaching level and am beginning to learn about the French Football developmental theory/program. 

I am trying to get myself to be a bit more busy during the week and so far it has been successful. I did two days of teaching English and an evening of being a fitness coach for the U19 girls team. I’ve gotten in some extra training and a bit of physical therapy to keep my ankles and legs healthy. Friday I am meeting with a person about volunteering with teens or youth (I’m not totally sure what this meeting is about as it was slightly lost in translation, but I got the point that it will be volunteer work and not paid) teaching English and organizing sports activities. I have this feeling that I am about to get a good busy. 

To add to everything, the sun was out ALL day and it was fairly warm for the middle of November. The difference in temperatures from what I experienced in Denmark for the past few years is greatly appreciated and warmly welcomed. 

I’ve also spent the day doing lots of laundry and figuring out how to properly use the functions on the washing machine and have my apartment FULL of clothes and sheets hanging over everything. Stone age? NO! Just being forced to be more environmentally responsible. 

Another new development has been my recent studying of sports nutrition and the increase in carbohydrates in my daily diet. I have way more energy at practice and am loving it.

We are preparing this week for our game on Sunday against a team called Juvissy. They are currently 4th in the French division 1 (my league) and are a strong team. I think we are going to play a lot better than we did last week and I am eager for Sunday to get here. In the meantime I am just going to do my best to physically and mentally prepare for the match for whichever position I play and have fun doing it!

Oh YEA! Another big thing that happened was that I finally got my annual public transportation card and it is awesome!  So easy and it is like this new freedom. At the same time, I am still loving riding my bike around (ok, not totally loving it because there is too much traffic and not enough bike lanes) the city. Despite my incident with the police pulling me over I will carry on. I’m glad they didn’t give me that 90 euro ticket they said they were going to give to me. 

Ok, one more exciting piece of news: I’m going to BARCELONA!!!!!!! It will be a very quick trip for FUN (NO FOOTBALL!) and will get to hang out with my awesome friend Timbo who was on my Athletes in Action team in Paraguay. So cool to get to travel to awesome places and reconnect with great friends!

Bon nuit! 


I found some motivation. I just finished reading my blog posts from my time in Denmark and realized how important it is to write things down. Grandma always tells me to write my memories. Most of the time I listen to what she tells me, but lately I haven’t felt much like writing. 

I write a lot in my head, but never sit down and type it out. 

I will not try to start with the last 5 months of my life, but I will just start with today (and hopefully fill in the missing gaps of time). 

Today was a big day for those in the NE USA. Hurricane Sandy made landfall and turned into what they are calling Superstorm Sandy now. I pretty much spent the bulk of my day listening/watching CNN and learning about the disaster happening back in the States. 

Being that tomorrow is Halloween, I had to go out and piece together my costume for tomorrow night. I am having my “Crémaillère” tomorrow with my teammates. A Crémaillère is a french word which describes a party at someone’s apartment who has recently moved in. So it is like a house warming party, except a bit different. I made it a requirement that my teammates come dressed up in costumes or else they cannot enter 🙂 Should be fun. 

We train super late so my day doesn’t really start training wise until 6:30 pm and then I arrive home around 8:30 or 9:00 depending on how I get home. Sometimes I take the tram, other times my awesome teammates will drive me home. This week I have been diligent about prepping my meals before training so that it takes minimal time to eat a good, healthy, hot meal when I get home from training. 

We also started daylight savings here last week and that has been a great help with getting me to sleep a bit earlier than previously, thus making it easier to wake up a little earlier as well. 

The temperature has dropped drastically over the last 5 days and I have resorted to turning my heat on in my apartment. Otherwise I feel like an icicle.