Lots of highlights today.
It was sunny and warm most of the day.
I got a new backpack from the club…it is cute
I got new cleats from the club and they fit perfectly and I love them.
My feeling of “I work way too hard at training everyday compared to others” was validated today thanks to our new team heart rate monitor system that tracks our pulses the entire practice. Now I have to figure out how to use my energy in the right way to make me a better player instead of just a player who works really hard all the time so she doesn’t have enough energy to do the specific things of a striker as well as she could kind of a player.
I had the cheapest most amazing wholesome large salad of my life today. I never thought I would ever find this in a cafe in Denmark.
I got a free round trip to Aalborg today so saved some $$.

So many positives that I am exhausted now.

Positive Polly is calling it a night