What a great day! It almost felt like summer weather today. Every time this happens I think oh this is the last day. I think I have thought that 20 times in the last month…must’ve been a lot of good days of weather mixed in with all the bad 🙂

Tonight I had dinner in Tylstrup with my 2nd Family. It was delightful. We had 3 languages going on simultaneously. Norwegian, Danish, and American. Luckily I understand all 3 now (I just picked up the American 😉 ). One would start in Danish and one would answer in Norwegian and then I would answer in either Danish or American. Whichever I felt like for the topic of conversation we were on at the moment. I love everything to do with different languages, so this was a blast for me and a big sociology moment ha. culture, culture, culture. Gotta love it!

We ate homemade pizza in case anyone was wondering what was on the table.

There was much much more that happened today, but not enough time for me to write about tonight. Already past 10 which means already past my bedtime! I’m such an old lady! geez.



Tri-lingual wanderer.