After my super long flight of 1.5 hours, I landed in Prague to collect my baggage and find my team members for the trip. We actually ended up landing at the same time due to their flight being delayed, so it worked out quite timely. They had all been traveling for hours from the States, but for some reason I think the tired feeling made its way over to me!
My first meal was a Tuna sandwich from Subway and a cookie. That is a luxury for me just because we don’t have many around the area where I am living. And WOW are things cheap here!!!
We took a mini bus ride on the “coach” to get to our Pension/hostel/htoel. The outside area looks really crappy, but it actually isn’t too bad. We have internet access downstairs in the sweet Internet Cafe (comprised of an old school sign that is written in English and has 3 black sofas sitting under it, which is where I am now) and hot, clean showers, so no complaints. My group members range from 17 to maybe 30 something or 40 I don’t really know but it is a broad range. We all seem to get along really great and have already laughed a ton! We just hung out in the evening talking and waiting until it was a good time for all of them to go to sleep to try to sleep through the night. One girl, my roommate, came all the way from Hawaii and gets to adjust to 12 hour difference. I think today we get to do some walking down town and see the city. I’ll make sure to take my camera. Coming in and landing was really beautiful. There is a huge meandering river running through the city, the Danube, or the Vltava River, and makes the landscape reallly lush and interesting (I couldn’t think of a different word I wanted to use). Off to breakfast for me now. No idea what will happen today!