Good news! We won 6-0 in the rain!

I had a nice surprise at our meeting before the game. I started left-mid and ended up playing the entire match! I got moved to center striker at the half and quickly scored a goal off a cross making it 3-0. I assisted another goal after that. I didn’t feel like I played my best, but was happy with a goal and some of the passes the completed. The best part was that I was able to make the 90 minutes feeling like I was in decent shape. It is always difficult to play 90 minutes after being used to being a substitute, so it was good to see my work is paying off 🙂

The mood of the team definitely lifted. We felt we did our job and did it well. Hopefully it will give us a boost for our next games.

Next test: Fortuna vs Brondby Polkefinale i Vejle Freday kl 12.00 !!!