We are having a great time here. We only have a day left, which will be spent traveling to and from our game followed by a late night Gala (starting at 11!) for the closing ceremonies for the tournament. Yesterday was our only day of no-so-good weather. It rained a bit and wasn’t as warm as it had been the rest of the week.

We lost our first game against Sky Blues from New York/New Jersey 7-8 in a shoot out. We ended the regular time at 1-1 and since we needed a winner, we went directly into PKs. I got playing time in the 2nd half and did alright. Nothing special really.

Yesterday was quite an interesting day. We had told our guide we wanted to go to an outside street bazaar/market place where you can find cheap souvenirs and all the “fakes.” We piled into this little bus taxi which didn’t quite fit us all, and he drove us to this Fur and leather shop. We refused to get off and made him take us to where we thought we wanted to go. We ended up at a mall. Everyone was getting cranky and everyone had different things in their minds as to what they were hoping to buy. We stayed in the mall (with Starbucks) for 30 minutes and then one of the players thought she had figured out how to communicate the place we actually wanted to go. Yet again, we clambered into a bigger bus and drove off into the big city. Guess what, we ended up at another mall! Oh my goodness, it was ridiculous. So, no bazaar and no random things from Turkey. I later found some postcards down in a little shop in the hotel. So that was good enough for me 🙂

Wednesday I went on a tour with the American team and a few of my teammates. We saw ancient Roman ruins in Perge, a waterfall, and the old city of Antalya (where we tried to get to yesterday so luckily I had already seen it!). Here are some pictures from the last few days.