Finally, I am about to close my eyes and wake up and the weekend will be over. People generally say that the weekends are too short. I will argue with whoever says this, because this weekend felt like it was never going to end. Alas, the time has come.

What a day. Actually, I should really say, what a weekend. I’ll give a quick rundown of our travel shenanigans and then get to the good stuff.

Saturday Morning: Wake-up at 5 AM for a 5:45 departure from the club. We (my team) are driven 45 minutes out to where we catch the ferry, which takes us over to Sweden. After the 3.5 hour ferry ride, we bus to the stadium where we are to play our game. We ended up playing really terribly and losing 4-1*

*The French player and myself took Dramamine for the boat ride because we get really sea sick. Neither of us stopped to think of how it would affect our playing…turns out it did. I felt like I needed to just lay down and fall asleep the whole game.

After the game we drove in the bus for 4 hours south to Copenhagen where we were to stay the night before leaving early Sunday morning. Once we got back into DK we had to find a place to eat and then finally got to go to sleep in our funny little rooms. It was like sleeping in a cabin in a ship. Four of us shared a room, but there were 4 separate twin beds. I regret not taking a picture, because it really just cracked me up. Teal was the hotel’s favorite color…by the way. I slept like a baby and didn’t even hear one of the roommates who was apparently snoring. The phone alarm scared me out of my sleep at 4:15. Yes, another early morning. We loaded the bus and were off to the airport by 4:45. We caught our flight at 7:00 and landed in the land of sunshine and palm trees (oh yea and snow covered mountains. what a contrast eh?) around 11:45 (in a 1 hour ahead time zone). I’m giving you subtle clues to where I am whilst trying to not actually give it away for free.

The last detail of the boring update before I get to the more interesting stories is that I spend the afternoon walking on the beach and in the water, followed by a light training on a real grass pitch in shorts and a jumper (that’s a sweater for all you Americans).

Stories and pictures to follow hopefully tomorrow…no promises, but I think I will have the time. Not too much going on here.