Compared to last yearWe are having a very mild winter

I didn’t even have to wear my down coat the day this picture was taken and it was January!

For the past 2 weeks the sidewalks have been clear of snow and ice and the sun came out many times.

On Monday, everything changed! The thermometer read -2 Celsius, but the wind was bone-chilling and brought  down the temperature to -10. Although it was completely miserable going to practice that night, I had to remind myself that it was still better than having that weather everyday for 2 months!!! For those of you wondering, that is what last winter was like. Yes, we train outdoors. No, there isn’t an indoor facility we have access to. To top off the bad weather, we had training that night focused on Fitness. Happy Valentines Day. Ha.

Tuesday didn’t get any better. The foreigners were fortunate enough to get to go to extra morning training in the beautiful weather to do some more agility, jumping and sprinting. Then back again in the evening to what we thought was going to be another hard practice. We were surprised by Flemming and it wasn’t as much as Monday, but still the wind wouldn’t let down!!!! It makes me so mad. I had a great time riding my bike home after. At least it was my Green Machine so I practically flew home 🙂

This morning I woke up to a sparkling, fresh layer of snow. One of my favorite things is waking up to fresh snow! That being said, at 7:30, I got on my Old Bike, my “winter wheels,” and started my way down the hill to the club. Man I wish I had ski goggles on. I couldn’t see anything and the tiny snowflakes that were falling, along with the wind, made it almost impossible to keep my eyes open to see the path.

I had to take my Little Monsters, I mean the school girls I coach in the mornings, indoor to the handball court to practice. This is the only place available in the morning, so my group of 15 girls plus the boys group of 30 all got to share the court. It is morning likes those where I wish I was still in bed sleeping!

Anyways, I stayed up way too late last night working on my puzzle. That thing just sucked me right in. Before I knew it, 3 hours had gone by. This is close to what it looked like before I started. Now, it is almost finished.

Enjoy driving your cars and staying warm. Think of me when you turn on your heaters 😉

p.s Great game Arsenal v Barcelona. 2-1 Arsenal. Great goals.