My previous post was about my bad luck with my bike. Today, I have some very exciting news to catch all you avid readers up on. If you are a regular reading my irregular posts, then you know that I am living in this foreign country where riding a bike everywhere is pretty much the norm. Good thing for me, I was raised bike riding, and I enjoy it very much (even though it has become a multi-daily activity for the past year and a half [can I say “multi-daily”?]).

When I signed with Fortuna, my soccer club, I was given this bike: To ride on roads like this: For 15 plus Kilometers, depending on where I feel like going that day. Basically, I was taking this old, full suspension mountain bike out on these beautifully paved paths to go to the ocean and to visit the Johnsons. After long weeks of practice my legs usually felt shot and so any kind of incline I came upon during my rides I would feel like I was pulling 10 extra kids behind me. I was constantly having problems with the bike due to its age, but I was happy I had the nice fat tires to jump off curbs and ride down staircases.

One thought I had was to start saving my money from when I first signed to eventually invest in a nice road bike so I could enjoy my longer rides and explorer more of the area around me. I was always going and checking out different bikes, researching prices, and talking myself out of buying a new bike because I wasn’t ready to spend the money on one.

A couple weeks ago, while my bike was in the shop, I was loaning a van from the club and decided I would just go check out this mom and pop bike shop I had visited when I first moved to town. I remember that the older man who owned the shop was really nice and helpful and even loaned my dad a bike for free when he was visiting me. He was advertising for some good sales and he promptly greeted me when I entered the store. I told him (100% in Danish mind you) exactly what I was looking for, what I wanted to use the bike for, and how much I wanted to pay. He led me to the rear of the store where all the bikes were displayed to some awesome fixed up used bikes. I test road 2, but knew it was love at first sight when I laid eyes on the Green Machine.

There are so many things that I am excited about related to this bike.

1. It is mine.

2. There are fenders both on the front and bike tires so I don’t get my pants muddy everyday that it rains!

3. Road tires so I can get places faster and with a little less energy exerted.

4. A back rack which holds my duffel bag. Now I don’t have to figure out how to ride my bike with too much luggage when we travel for longer periods of time.

5. The built on lock for the back tire. No more greasy hands!

6. It’s GREEN! It turns out I love the color green these days. For some reason everything is always green. I even live next to the Kiwi grocery store, which is ALL green. I’ll have to post a picture soon so you can see what I am talking about.

One thing that makes me nervous about my new bike are the skinny tires. I don’t want a flat! I need to learn to change a flat bike tire asap! Wish me luck with that one.

Enough about the Green Machine. Hope y’all have enjoyed the latest and greatest! Good night.