It appears that my blogging ambitions come in waves.

I really don’t have much I feel like writing about, but I know my family would like to know a little of what has been going on. So, here it is.

I play soccer almost everyday. I ride on the bus a lot to travel to games around the country. I go to school 4 times a week to learn Danish. I coach soccer 3 mornings a week. I go to the gym and work out. I cook and I clean. I practice my guitar. I ride my bike everywhere.

Somewhere in between all these things I still have tons of free time. I am enjoying spending time with friends I have made out here. Last friday I had 3 of them over for dinner and I made tacos. I enjoyed the company! The following morning I had to get up at 6 to travel to Fyn (in denmark) for a game with the 2nd team, which I found out at 1o pm the night before that I was only going to be playing 60 minutes, because I would also be playing in the game with the first team on the next day. So, I went for a 4 hour bus ride to play some really really terrible soccer against these old ladies who were out of control and really made me feel unsafe for less than 60 minutes. Then 4 hours back home again only to wake up the next morning to go for another bus ride. Luckily this one was only 2.5 hours one way. Oh the joys of away games. I must say, I enjoyed the time on the bus with teammates and both days were wins for the teams so that is always good.

I stayed the night in another town with my “danish family” and woke up when I felt like it Monday, skipped school, and went back home in time for training.

I am living without a microwave these days and am really enjoying having to heat my left overs up on my little 2 burner stove…no, but really I don’t mind.

I introduced some of my friends to Rice Crispy Treats and they LOVED them (and so did I!)

I will hopefully know in the next couple days about my near future plans! That will be nice to learn about.

I have my next test in Danish school in a couple weeks and when I pass it I will get to move to another class. I feel like I am making progress and am enjoying the process.

Tomorrow is a day of adventuring to the aquarium (which Denmark boasts as the largest aquarium in northern Europe—whatever that means) and a free day from training.

I best be done here for now because it is 11pm and I am trying to be better at going to bed at a decent hour. So, I hope all of you reading this are doing well. Feel free to let me know what is going on in life. I would love to hear about it!