I had an amazing day today! I started out with an early morning coaching session with the girls from one of the local schools. We just got off a long Easter holiday and it is only our 2nd time being able to practice on the grass fields since after Christmas time. We really had a great time this morning. I love seeing the girls enjoying playing the game and having a good time. It has also been fun watching them get better and better every week. Portia and I, one of my teammates, started coaching them back in September. We now work with them 3 mornings a week. At times I wish I didn’t have to get up early, but once I am there I always enjoy it!

I am still getting situated in my little apartment after moving the old girl’s things out and getting “new”/different stuff brought in. My dad was here visiting while it all took place, so I didn’t spend any time on it then. I had BIG plans for today to get everything organized, but those plans never came to fruition. I ended up having coffee with a friend of mine from school, talking with my mom via skype for awhile, and then went and played some basketball. I thought that since the sun was shining and I had free from soccer today that it was a great day to play some ball! I’m pretty sure not too many people around this country play basketball. I felt like the people who walked by while we were playing were looking at us like “what are these people doing?” Regardless, I had a great time.

Tomorrow is another travel day with the team. Back to Vejle we go (about 3 hours south of where I live by bus)! Hopefully we play better than we did Monday (even though we won, we could’ve been a lot better).

Today, I was recommended to travel to Iceland during my vacation time this summer. I had never given much thought to going to this tiny country, but I checked out some books on the country and I can’t think of a more beautiful place to go- at least by what I’ve seen in the pictures! I think July will be the perfect time to go. I just want to be out in the mountains, hiking along the coastline, breathing the fresh air, camping under the stars and soaking in all of God’s creation!!! I really hope it happens!