This title could really lead me to write a lot of different things. My mind is definitely full these days. Although not in a bad way by any means.

Today was the start of our new season. Maybe more correctly stated would be the beginning of our continued season from last season. We traveled to a city named Vejle. I drove my teammate Kris to Vejle in one of the club cars because our coach would not allow a “starting” player to drive herself. Since I was not a started it was permissible for me to drive (even though I think I am not technically legal when driving in Denmark). Nobody asks. We played in the old stadium in the city/town and the pitch was a disaster thanks to the long harsh winter we had here. I don’t think there is a field in decent condition anywhere in the country. We ended up winning 1-0 off of a great set-piece and strong finish by one of our defenders off the head and into the back of the net! 🙂 I got put in at center forward in the second half. I felt I played well today even though no goals were produced.

We are currently in first place in the top division in Denmark, although only 1 point ahead of Brondby, a team from outside of Copenhagen. We will travel back to Vejle Thursday to play against them yet again, but this time it is not for the league standings, but for the Cup. I don’t really know what this means. I guess just that you have the opportunity to win both the league and the cup tournament, which go on simultaneously.

Another new season I had in mind was the actual spring season. It is coming to be very slowly, but it is definitely becoming more like spring each day. Today was the first day since November probably that we were all wearing shorts and short sleeved jerseys while we were playing. It was still chilly, but bearable.

I am so excited for everything to start coming to life. We just had daylight savings last weekend and I am loving the extra daylight! It definitely was a much needed change. I feel so much more motivated now that the snow is gone and the weather isn’t so crumby.

It is also a new season in my life. That’s all I want to say about that. I am excited about it and glad it is here. I’m sure soon enough it will be time for yet another new season!

I am tempted to make some kind of comment about how this is the beginning of me keeping up with my blog again, but whenever I write about that it never comes to fruition. Therefore, I have nothing more to add tonight (even though I have a TON on my mind).

I will leave you with this: ” May God not find the whine in us anymore, but may He find us full of spiritual pluck and athleticism, ready to face anything.” – Oswald Chambers