I love stories. I love stories about people’s lives. I love hearing them, watching them or reading about them. I believe that to understand the people we are closest to it is important to understand their stories. Everyone has one and each one is unique and important. It is so beautiful to me to imagine how God has conducted each of our stories and how, despite coming from completely different places, we can find ways to relate and understand each other.

I just finished watching “Antwone Fisher” directed by Denzel Washington. The movie is inspired by a true story and written by Antwone Fisher himself. It is the story of his life and an incredible story it is. It is from 2002 so many may have seen it already. I came across it in the Library in Denmark and thought it looked good. I had heard about before and decided to see for myself. Antwone was abandoned as a new-born and put into foster care and had a very disturbing childhood. He ends up joining the Navy, getting into trouble, and is sent to see a psychiatrist. Through meetings with his psychiatrist his story unfolds and begins to explain why he was the man he became at that point in time.

It is important to understand where you come from and why you are who you are today.

Ask questions. Listen. Begin to understand the people around you.  It takes as much time as you care to take to listen, but the end result will be worth the time spent.