Last night I went to the bowling alley with some friends. Yep, you guessed it, it is exactly the same as every other bowling alley. Actually, for as “ahead” Denmark is with technology, they are really far behind in bowling alley technology. The way it works here is that you reserve how ever many lanes you want and you get them for 55 minutes for about 180 dkk. Then it just depends on how many people you bowl with for how much it cost. I am used to going to bowling and having these weird animation things going on the screens whenever you knock pins down etc. Here, its just a screen with names and scores. Pretty boring. The walls were painted with a mural of Lonstup, which is a quaint old fishing town that houses a lot of local artists. It is a really beautiful place, thus the mural was really good, but not fitting for a bowling alley.
It only took me about 7 minutes to ride my bike there. I the bowling alley, movie theater, and miniature golf place I recently saw, are the only actual activities to do in this city.
After our 55 minutes were up, Chichi, one of my teammates, and I rode our bikes to meet the rest of the people we were with (who were driving) at McDonalds to just hang out. I got to work on my Danish a little bit as they would ask me questions in Danish I would try to figure out what they were asking and respond in any way I chose.
I made it home at a decent time and was planning on going to sleep. Of course that didn’t happen. It never does.
I decided that I am going to try to see how many different countries I can go bowling in. So far I have 4: Canada (and yes Canada counts because as I am learning majority of people actually haven’t been there and so just because I grew up on the border doesn’t mean I can’t count it!), USA (of course), Paraguay, and now Denmark.