14 megan upsidedown

Not much has changed...

Let me take you back to the summer of 2002. I was 13 years old, had just finished up the 8th grade, was looking forward to high school, and was about to embark on my first big travel adventure, alone. I had taken a step of faith and joined a small group of high school students from my church’s youth group on a mission’s trip to Brazil. At this point, 7 years later, I do not remember much about how it all came about, but I know that I was more than willing to listen to God’s prompting to go on this trip even though I was by far the youngest one going. We worked at a Christian camp in a tiny village called Tres Ranchos set a few miles out a red dirt road overlooking Lake Victoria. This was my home for a month. The first week we spent painting the new dorm rooms, cleaning, and preparing for the campers that would be streaming in over the coming weeks. The plan for the remaining time was for us to be counselors/leaders for the kids coming. But, because of my age, I was really just one of the campers myself. I really haven’t sat and thought much about this trip for a long time, but tonight for some reason, the memories are just flooding back into my mind and they are beautiful. I feel so blessed to have been so captivated and in awe of our awesome God at a young age. I cannot imagine my life without His guidance and provisions!

As it is with any camp you would attend, at the end of each week we would all exchange addresses (yes, street addresses were more common to exchange and not email addresses, although a few had email addresses). There was one boy at the camp, who I specifically remember, because he was always wanting to practice his english with us and to practice reading in english out of the Bible. He was very eager to stay in touch with our group once we returned to the United States. Somehow, he and I kept in touch. It has been really cool to see how God works in our lives in separate parts of the world. He is now studying to be an international attorney. His english has greatly improved and our friendship has continued to stay grounded in God’s love. Last night, he had sent me a message asking for help filling out an application for a program in the USA.

As we were working on his application via video call on skype, Brasil to Denmark, I suddenly just stopped and said, “God is really crazy. This moment right here is a testament to how everything has a purpose.” Because I went to Brasil in 2002, I was able to be there for him last night, 7 years later. It isn’t just a coincidence that I went on that trip. There was a reason for it, well many reasons I believe, and one of those was revealed to me last night. This brings another thought to mind. That is that we have to remember that it is God’s time, not our own. We can try as hard as we want to try to make things happen, but in the end, God is the one who is in control. And remember, when we pray, that we pray for his will to be done not our own, but His and thus in His good and perfect timing.

I do not think that what I have written does justice to the actual thoughts that I have been having about how God has a divine purpose for everything under the sun, but that is OK with me, because I know that in the end His name will still be praised.

These are just the thoughts that I have had tonight and was inspired to write them down after an extremely lazy evening. I was planning on going to sleep 2 hours ago, kind of like last night, but here I am sitting at my computer typing away. I am off to Copenhagen in the morning, via airplane praise God, with my team for our last game in league play. It is against Brondby, our biggest rival in Denmark! Should be a good game.