Besides playing soccer in Denmark, I am also coaching. Every Monday and Thursday morning at 8 my teammate Portia and I coach twelve 12 year old girls as part of their school day. No, neither Portia nor I speak Danish very well, but yes we all communicate and understand each other fairly well. This morning was difficult for some reason. The English didn’t seem to be processing in their little brains and I felt like a lot of what I was saying never got through to them. On a good day there are only a couple of the girls who really have a hard time understanding us, but the others are very helpful in translating for their friends so we are all on the same page.

Middle school aged girls have always been my favorite age to coach. I quickly said yes to Flemming (my coach) when he asked me to help with the new program Fortuna is starting up working with nearby schools. I think training these girls is going to be a huge help to me learning Danish and also becoming a better coach and player.